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Vegan Doughnut Treat Box


6 Freshly made vegan Doughnuts in a Box, made in the morning, shipped out to you in the afternoon with delivery next day. 


Flavours included in the box:

-White Chocolate Raspberry


-Oreo Chocolate

-Biscoff Cookie

-Lemon Poppyseed

-Vanilla & toasted Almond


If your would like a different assortment please choose your selection out of the 6 flavours and put your selection in the comment box while placing your order.:)

Can NOT be made glutenfree.


Delivery via DX Courier (or similiar).

Can be collected in our Patisserie.



Flour, Sugar, Sunflower Oil, Yeast, Vanilla, Oatmilk, Salt

Other ingredients depending on the flavour: hazelnuts, lemon, icing sugar, almonds, marzipan, almond paste, dark chocolate, white ricemilk chocolate, dried raspberries, oreos, biscoff cookies.


Vegan Doughnut Treat Box

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