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Vegan Tarte au Citron with Meringue Topping

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

If you are following us on facebook and instagram you know already what we are up to: we want you to put all the recipes we´ve shared with you in the last days together and turn them into one delicious cake:

Let´s make a fabulous vegan lemon tarte with a smooth meringue topping today!

It´s pretty straight forward, there are no funny ingredients and kids can help too.

Shopping List - you might have most of it at home already:


-Caster Sugar

-Icing Sugar

-Sunflower or vegetable Oil



-Baking Powder

-vegan single cream

-vanilla essence or real vanilla

-Cream of Tartar

-2 Cans of Chickpeas

-3 Lemons

Step 1: Make the Lemoncurd - find our recipe here:

Best is to make it a day in advance. Double the recipe if you like.

Step 2: Make the shortcrust - find our recipe here:

Chill it, roll it out, cover the bottom of a baking tin (cover the bottom first with baking parchment) and bake it blind in an 9" round baking tin or a pie tin if you have one.

Let it cool down completely before using it for the tarte, but leave it in the baking tin.

Tip: Use a baking tin you can open easily, so one you can open on the side for example or lift up/out the bottom.

Step 3: Make the meringue - find our recipe here:

This is kind of the last step before you put everything together, yay!


Prepare some candied lemons to decorate your tarte.

Find our recipe here:

Step 4: Switch on your oven on 210 Celsius, with the "grill" function on top. If your oven doesnt have said function try just the heat from the top. If your oven is like a thousand years old and you dont have those functions try to cover the bottom of the oven, so put a baking tray at the bottom. A blowtorch would be a great too, but we wanted this recipe to work with the basic kitchen equipment.

Now you need your chilled lemon curd, chilled tarte base still in its baking tin and the fluffy but stiff meringue.

Add the lemoncurd first, the more you use the thicker your lemon filling. So use a lot.

Add now the vegan meringue, a super thick layer to keep it from shrinking too much in the oven. Keep in mind that it needs to be really stiff - so if its still (or again) runny please whip it more!

Now put it in the hot oven, make sure the oven is ready and on temperature. Watch the Meringue brown on top - yes thats exactly what you want. Not too dark please, when the first bits get dark brown take it out. That might just take 5 minutes.

We are so sorry but you have to be patient now, it needs to chill again. We do chill it overnight, then its much easier to cut the next day. That might be hard, so just chill it for a couple of hours... Add the candied lemons when serving.

And enjoy!

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