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Vegan recipes galore...

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Hi! I am Sarah and the co-founder of the Seaside Kitchen & Cake Parlour - together with my husband Roman. We love animals and we love vegan baking, cooking, decorating and exploring new foods...

I am a vegan for over 17 years now, means I am kind of a veganosaurus….from a time were no vegan cheeze or vegan chocolate was available in the supermarkets and the idea of a vegan take away was ridiculous.

That was 2003 and we had to do everything from scratch, fast forward to 2020 Roman is a successful vegan chef and I am a trained pastry Chef, co-owner of the Seaside Kitchen & Cake Parlour (together with Roman) est. 2015, certified and accredited vegan nutritionist, Level 3 Supervisor in Health & Hygiene, Personal License Holder, published vegan author (of Germanys first ever vegan cake baking book in 2010) and the first vegan who won the german Version of "Come and dine with me" ("Das perfekte Dinner" in 2012.)

Sounds fun, right?

Usually I am pretty busy with life, means actually the shop, cakes, catering and our daughter Trixie and Dog Ruby.

Due to Covid-19 we are all stuck indoors, the world is on hold and can actually breathe a bit. I would love to bring you some more of our delicious vegan food, for yourself to prepare at home, at least until our shop is back open. A delicious and entertaining way to get through this lock down... so you ll find vegan recipes and tips and tricks in our new blog starting from today...Please stay safe everyone, stay humble and kind and spread some vegan love!

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