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Vegan Meringue (Aquafaba)

Vegan Meringue (Aquafaba)

Most of you might have heard already of the magical Aquafaba (aqua=water, faba=bean).

So this is basically the water in one of your cans you might have stored in your cupboard during this lock down. I find it works best with the water (or brine^^) of chickpea cans or jars, but butterbeans, white beans, kidney beans...they do work too. Kidney Bean Water might be a bit lets stick to the chickpea water for now. Please use a can or jar that has added salt. This is a lovely quick recipe and you ll have the chickpeas left to have a chickpea curry or hummus later...

NOTE: This recipe is part of our recipe "triology" to create the vegan Tarte au Citron with Meringue topping all by yourself as part of our facebook baking challenge...

Ingredients: —————— 1. 150ml chickpea water (water of 1-2cans, depending on can size) 2. 150g caster sugar 3. 1/2 Teaspoon Cream of Tartare 4. 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract —————— Method: —————— 1. Drain the chickpea water out of the can. Pour it in a clean bowl, best is a stainless steel one or glass. Make sure there is no fat or oil left in the bowl. 2. Add the Cream of Tartare (alternatively you can use baking powder). 3. Use a handmixer on high speed or a standmixer and start whipping the mixture. 4. Add now a bit of vanilla and one tablespoon of Sugar a time. 5. Continue whipping until the aquafaba forms high glossy peaks. If it is still runny you need to whip it longer. It might take anything between 6-15mins. 6. You can use it now like meringue. As a cake topping, as a base for Macaroons, as plain Meringue... it is possible to add color or flavour, best to do that directly with the cream of tartare in the beginning. 7. If you pipe the Meringue on a baking tray bake it on 120•Celsius for about 45mins. Dont store it in the fridge, store it in an airtight container.

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