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Deluxe Banana Cake witch caramelized banana glaze

A deluxe but easy banana cake recipe? Oh yes please! Easy banana cake recipe with simple ingredients. Fail-proof, light, fluffy and you can make it at home with the family.

The list of ingredients seems a bit long, but if you look closer its actually stuff you mostly have in the cupboards, there are no fancy ingredients and you just mix it all together and thats it really.

Ingredients: (recipe is for a bundt baking tin, if using a small loaf tin just half the recipe)


- 200g sugar

- 150ml sunflower oil

- 6 ripe bananas

-15g baking powder

- 500g plain flour

- pinch of salt

- pinch of cinnamon

- 300ml plantmilk

- 4x egg substitute (recipe here)

- chocolate chips (100g approx)

Cacao Icing:

- 250g icing sugar

- water

-2 tablespoon cacao powder

Banana Glaze:

- caramelized bananas (recipe here)


-a bit of caster sugar and margarine for the tin


Baking the cake:

1. Smash the bananas with a fork and put aside (you can do it with your hands too if you like...).

2.Prepare the egg substitute mix, see recipe above in ingredients list.

3. Mix all other dry and wet ingredients for the cake in a bowl, add the egg substitute mix and the smashed bananas. Add the chocolate chips too.

4. Switch on your oven, 160C.

5. Layer the tin with margarine and sprinkle caster sugar on top, now fill the cake batter inside.

6. Pop it in the ofen for about 60 mins. As every oven is a bit different start checking from 50min every 5 minutes with inserting a wooden pick. Pull it out. When it’s fully baked, there won’t be any wet batter on it.

If it’s still sticky and moist, your cake isn’t done yet, so keep on baking.

7. When your cake is done take it out of the oven and let it cool. A bundt tin can be tricky, let the cake cool completely, best overnight, to get it out in one piece.

Making the cacao icing:

1. You could just melt dark chocolate but a cheaper version would be a cacao icing. Just mix the icing sugar with the cacao powder and add a teaspoon of water at atime, blend the water in slowly and if the texture is firm but a bit runny and glossy its ready to go. Texture should be lika a sprad, not like a sauce.

2. Decorate your chilled cake with the cacao icing, using a spoon or fork.

Making the caramelized banana glaze:

1. Use our recipe here.

2. Decorate your iced banana cake with the warm bananas in caramel sauce. You want it too look naughty and a bit messy.



Can be made as a banana bread loaf or muffins, just half the recipe for the batter and adjust the baking time. Muffins need just 20-25 minutes. If you dont have plain flour but self raisinf flour you can use that instead, but leave out the baking powder. When we say margarine we always mean vegan margarine of course. This recipe works with white and brown sugar, the brown sugar gives it a caramelly, deeper taste but its still delicious with white sugar.

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